India 2008
India 2008

efaLive 2.2 released!

Today I have released efaLive version 2.2. There are many structural changes but some new features as well. For more information check the efaLive page.

Source of efaLive now on GitHub!!

The source code of everything that makes up efaLive is now available on GitHub.

Read more: Source of efaLive now on GitHub!!

efaLive 2.1 available!!

efaLive 2.1 is released. This is the first "international version". Documentation is available in English and German.

Read more: efaLive 2.1 available!!

First steps with Firefox OS

I have started with some Firefox OS app development experiments. It looks promising and I think this is one of the big mobile platforms in the future. You can read more under Computer -> Firefox OS.

Ha, Skype (Microsoft) is evil!

A German IT news site now has the proof: Skype, which is owned by Microsoft now, is reading our messages. Read the article here: http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/Skype-with-care-Microsoft-is-reading-everything-you-write-1862870.html.