• efaLive 2.8.0 released

    efaLive 2.8.0 is available. There are not so many changes, but the efa software has been updated and now brings efaCloud support and the underlying Debian system is up to date.

    Please note that the key for the efaLive Debian archive has changed, so you have to update it in older versions of efaLive to be able to install new packages.

    For more information check the efaLive page.

  • efaLive 2.7 released

    I just uploaded a new version of efaLive. I spend a lot of time to port the efaLive tools from Python 2 to Python 3. The support for Python 2 will end soon. The images are based on Debian Buster now and the efa version is 2.2.2_42. The image for the Raspberry Pi now support the new Raspberry Pi 4. For more information check the efaLive page.

  • Migration of website

    This website is based on Jekyll now. So all pages are static pages. There is HTML and CSS only. No JavaScript, no PHP and no MySQL any more. I did not use most of the functionality of the Joomla CMS system. So I was looking for something simple.

    Some content got lost on the way though. There is no gallery any more, no contact form, no sophisticated download area, no comments, no search and no login. But that’s fine. The more useful stuff is still there and has the same structure as before.

    I thought about generating static pages some years before already. But it took some time to come to a proper solution. I really like the concept of Jekyll and the lightweight content it generates.

    No need for security updates any more …

  • efaLive 2.6 released

    Finally there is a new release of efaLive. Some refactoring has been performed in the efaLive-Setup tool. And of course a new version of efa and Debian is included. For more information check the efaLive page.

  • efaLive 2.5 released

    There is a new version of efaLive available for download! As usual, you can find bug fixes and an updated version of efa in the images. The main news is that efaLive is available for the popular RaspberryPi now. You can find a SD card image in the download section. For more information, check the efaLive page.

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